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Dec 8, 2013 1:10pm EST
of this century with the strategy a popular tax. many different kinds we lose the equivalency to be covered by radical infusion. receive matt mysteries in humor and novels in the connected the social groundings of far more important with those aspects that is either the of moderate set in opposition to the recuperating urge with all human efforts to speak outside the cage and all fronts that are signified best journalistic science lacks reliable reference. of both popular and high literary culture to be the tumultuous commissioned of the virgin and modes of thought in the in antebellum period a and choreographed the three stretches completely. rather than read the the high renaissance to read those as burst by wide popular writing immediately with the perceived reality the results with the political point of view to reanimate the of the blind alley. and then the first instance with the social engagement of the practice but he does so while incorporating and modified critical forms. john browne did jacksonian america did each marked with the hard work of three big it always a pleasure to eng
Dec 4, 2013 3:00am EST
their claim that the statute authorizes tax credit through exchanges of established by the federal government under section 1321 or that it was congresses intent for the statute to authorize tax credit through those exchanges. so there's a lot more to be said about all of this. if i make would like to respond to some of -- >> let me cut you off at this point. i only have all bit of time. mr. turley, you mentioned something along the lines of your concern that president obama is becoming the very danger, separation of powers was meant to prevent. and mr. lazarus mentioned earlier that, i don't know exactly who he's referring to, but some are hyperventilating about this whole topic. would you want to comment on both of those things, either in relation to each other or not? >> mr. lazarus maybe responding to my labor breathing with the flu, but if not, my testimony -- the reason i think there's this disconnect in our view, is we obviously read history differently. i view the constitutional convention is quite clear. the framers were students of history, james madison. 150 years before they took
Dec 7, 2013 2:00pm EST
used for qualified planned rules are overly complex and understood only by a limited number of tax professionals. a small business can not apply to them without professional help. it is a small set of professionals that deal with these rules and these rules are only going to apply to businesses for a few years. for that reason, facts and circumstances -- based on who controls day-to-day business is a much more logical rule in the statute or committee reports could list characteristics of management control and taxpayers would be able to make a judgment. -- a judgment as to whether they did --what constitutes what constitutes the employer for purposes. >> thank you, ms. walker. i would like to yield to the ranking member to introduce our last member. >> it is my pleasure to -- she serves at the hub for international insurance services. she provides compliance and consulting services regarding health plans and other employee benefits. regarding health plans and other employee benefits. in insurance by business insurance and was selected as one of the 25 most influential businesswomen
FOX News
Dec 9, 2013 3:00am PST
the memo from the supreme court. it is not a penalty. it's a tax. that tax will be 2.5% of your income in three years. that's how they're going to get, i guess, young people to voluntarily pay more than double. in wisconsin a young man 27 years old, on average his insurance costs will increase by 124%, from about $1,100 a year to over $2,400 a year. that is because of obamacare. the patient protection affordable care act. >> you have obamacare? >> they're trying to get it. we've only gotten a few members of our staff that have been able to sign up so far. i think they've got to sign up today in order to make sure it is in place. my staff is scrambling and my wife is trying to find insurance in the state of wisconsin. >> this week is going to be the medicaid week. the president and the white house are going to be talking about how great it is to expand medicaid. you're not against -- >> brian, we've got to remember in 2009 when this law was being debated, 85% of americans maybe were satisfied with the price of the health care but they liked the health care plan they were on. they liked
Dec 5, 2013 6:00pm EST
about it. >> check with your tax accountant. some stocks cannot really go in because of a business tax. you want to be sure. you've got to talk with your accountant about these. the stock had a not great quarter and it's been knocked down. and the master limited partnerships have been coming down. but i believe in rich kinder. rich kinder is not dick heckman. he had a terrific company around, this one's not it. rich kinder made a lot of people a lot of money. i'm not going to abandon that company. but i do honestly right now like linn energy right now. higher reats don't have to be the end of the world, conn's might be a microcosm. wouldn't you like to have a stock that goes up gigantically? or would you say i don't want that gain because rates are going higher? stay with cramer. >>> coming up -- nice view? hilton's more than $2 billion ipo is about to hit the street. are there better accommodations for your cash? or should you try and book a room in this newly minted spot? ♪ [ male announcer ] this december, experience the gift of exacting precision and some of the best offers of th
Dec 7, 2013 4:00am EST
, cut taxes, and brought about fiscal disciplines to state's budgets. in the u.s. senate, he was a leading voice, advocating for fiscal restraint, on government spending. he also worked in a bipartisan manner, something missing right now, to seek consensus on several key issues, including financial services reform and health care. our plenary session will begin with remarks from senator huntsman and senator bayh to be followed by what i'm sure will be a great conversation facilitated by ntsl vice president senator curt scramble from utah, the senator pro tem. however, before we go to the comments, we'd like to share comments on you, the co-chairman that has no labels and governor huntsman. >> this is senator joe manchen, it's my leasure to send greetings to all of you. i regret i cannot join you in person. i send my best wishes for an enjoyable and productive meeting. the strength of legislators rest in your bipartisan efforts and your commitment to serve democrats, republicans, and dependents. it's something that we recognize that we need to work together and put the america
Dec 9, 2013 7:00pm EST
my source -- this is important, too. that tax reform is actually still more on the hot front burner than i thought. this source tells me dave camp coming out of ways and means, max baucus coming out of the senate finance committee are still bound and determined to come up with a pro-growth tax reform that would broaden the base and lower the tax rates. i can think of nothing that would help the economy more. what do you think about this? >> nothing in this near-term deal. there is an appetite for what you described particularly on the business side of the equation on corporate taxes. the white house has a plan to do precisely what you described, maybe not get the rate down the way you'd like it but they do have a plan. here's something i'd like to ask the representative about. i understand that you want to -- that there are republicans up there who want to keep the appropriations levels to where they are already. they're not that interested in this new deal. and i heard you criticizing the sequester in terms of the economic impacts. but my question is, it seems to me -- not trying t
Dec 8, 2013 8:00pm EST
of startup businesses. regarding the effective corporate tax rates starting next fiscal year, we have decided to reduce by 2.4%. we will be moving forward with reviews and studies as to how corporate tax should be in order for cap -- japanese companies to stay competitive. there is no end to abenomics. the cabinet will approve the related policies on the growth strategy. we will announce the timing of their execution and administer these policies. >> there is a growing number of criticisms saying that abenomics is running out of steam after .oday by state a showed growth james, why was growth revised down? what is the readthrough for this when it comes to the prime minister's policies? growth was much slower than we expected. it was 1.1% annualized which is lower than the estimate and much lower than the 3.6% we saw last quarter. the two main factors here causing the slowdown were business investment which has stalled and companies drawing down inventories. are going to pick up this quarter and in the next quarter, going until april when the sales tax rises because people are going to be out
Dec 8, 2013 11:25pm EST
might introduce a bill that says we need to raise federal excise tax on large oil companies. you introduce that bill. what's going to happen when you introduce that bill? you are going to scare the daylights out of people in the business which is precisely what that bill was designed to do. they are going to come running to that office saying we are concerned about this bill. what's going on? and in the process they are going to start making donations and they may end up hiring family members of the legislator or former aides to serve as lobbyists. the milker bill of course can be reintroduced again next year and a year after and they can become a form of extraction that takes place and corporations in the basically paying protection money. the second technique is what you might call the toll booth technique. if you are a powerful chairman of the committee were you are in leadership and this has happened under both parties, you can ease and c-charlie charge companies and individuals in order for bills to actually go from the kennedy to being voted on the floor. it can be a very l
Dec 1, 2013 6:30pm PST
the tax aversion we wanted to help with the buildings that were vablt historically. and the buildings that were vacant from 50 plus years they had the highest vacant rate. our intention was not to give into buildings with occupants but they have covert uses and we are not able to exclusive them from the mid-market exclusion. this will help with that. i want to thank colleagues. i'd love our support in moving forward with full representations to the full board >> thank you, president chiu. >> thank you and i'm happy to add myself as a co-sponsor. we're having to make sure that the successes we've seen in this blighted area are shared with everyone. last week the board of supervisors had asked our controllers and city attorney to look at the increase in property tax values in that area. i'd like to propose a supplemental legislation to assist with the displacement areas in the mid-market area. this is an important part of legislation we must get a handle open the legislation and with that i'm happy to support this >> okay supervisor jane kim i want to make a motion. >> i'd like to m
Dec 2, 2013 11:00am PST
our young entrepreneurs. your creating jobs and paying taxes when you hear this from people what you do you say >> i've definitely paid hoof taxes. the short answer is yeah, the silicon valley if that were not true. it would be like the - i know i've spent a lot of time with interesting people from all over the world and their successful people and their passionate about being here and their contributing to the economy >> i like to give the example of football. imagine the 49ers and we're going to be playing with another team but what if it is other team had 13 or fourteen people. we have to see the u.s. as a team are the other countries and we're limiting the team on the field and if canada is allowing their team to to compete against us. to not allow the 49ers to come to the game is not making sense. you want to have the largest team i can in order to beat the competition and so i have this commercial in their head. all those comments immigrants are lazy and taking our jobs. imagine the same comments have been made as each immigration wave like the italians and now the mexicans b
Al Jazeera America
Dec 2, 2013 12:00pm EST
there information about the tax subsidies. you're told if eligible for tax subsidies, and a lot of increasing traffic over the next three weeks between now and december 23rd. you got to enroll by december 23rd online or elsewhere if you're going to be covered by january 1st when the law kicks in. >> all those procrastinators will start to enroll. mike viqueira live, mike, thank you. >> meteorologist: i'm meteorologist dave warren. the problem is in the southern plains. wichita is just above a quarter mile visibility that has caused a number of road accidents along 45 and 40. headlights barely visible, and that's because of visibility is down. it could be clear and then you run into dense fog. so take your time on the roadways there. the radar plus the cloud shows that it's clear. it's the low clouds and fog in place here. but the radar plus clouds is changing in the northwest. as the storm moves in it will impact weather across the country. and we'll have all the details coming up on the national forecast. >> thank you. coming up, tensions escalate as anti-government escalations take a violen
Dec 2, 2013 11:30am PST
've been living in japan and i've entered the country numerous times and i've paid my taxes pr is there any way for the immigration officers to interpreter the law like they do in japan >> what a great question and compelling question. >> our office does a lot of reviews in the immigration issues. i have a colleague here and he's our senior advisors. fred and i work very closely in giving adjudication issues as they relate to a start up business whether in the h b context we're very involved and providing recommendations to ac i s in how to improve + jurisdictions in policy and training. we welcome our comments and ideas but case examples that reflect miss application of the laws. make sure you have our card before i leave and a maria thank you for responding >> we have two speakers and literally are out of time. >> my name is juan gomez i gntd from columbia. i wanted to ask i talk about what you can do in the middle america i move forward from kansas city so i know that middle america looks up to san francisco. so what can the city's do not only the tech world is leading the world but
Dec 2, 2013 2:30pm PST
we have the kids to take those wonderful jobs and so i hate to us the word taxes by how can we crate of the revenue that the fed's have left us to do. we're in poverty and we need our cities to step up >> thank you, mayor lee. >> (laughter) . well, that first of all, we have is a pretty r06b9 budget and we do - by the way, i think in order to depreciate the kind of revenue we first of all, begin with the basics we have to have a strong business approach to our budget so creating that san francisco in the industry was small business owner something i spent a lot of time. i tackled pension reform and created a trust fund so start paying for the mandatory that would hurt us dead on arrival down the road. so we contact talk about stuff until we've built an san francisco. today we've done all the things that insurance companies and other fails i failures of other cities across the country didn't pay attention to all those mandates we put them into the mix and now we do 2 year budgeting and we've got 4 reserve accounts for the city. now that we've done that companies can come in and say
Dec 2, 2013 6:00pm PST
double the state's vehicle license fee. the increased tax which would boost the car tax by $100 a year would be used for road repairs and improve public transit. it could save drivers on repairs to flat tires caused by pot holes however it may be a hard sell for voters given california's is among the highest in the country. >>> president obama's approval rating in california continues to slip. 51% approve of the job president obama is doing. 43% disapprove. that number is up 8 points since july. california's view of the direction the u.s. is heading is down. 33% said it is heading in the right direction. 55% say we are off track. >>> california needs nurses but the state needs a way to train them. officials with cal state say qualified students are being turned away. they don't have the funding to hire instructors. some 62al are turning away 80% of -- schools are turning away 80% of students. >>> fog around the bay and at times dense. look at the temperatures from today. 69 in antioch. that was the high. 67 santa rosa. 64 in oakland. temperatures tomorrow and the next few days, low 50s
Dec 2, 2013 7:00pm PST
involved in the problems between states and on-line retailers about the collections for sales taxes. in a big review, the high court will not review the suit brought by and which urges that by wednesday they have the requirement to collect sales taxes even though the sellers are not located in those states. >>> and meanwhile, and founder revealed in a 60 minutes interview revealed the biggest retailer is working on a drone delivery service that he says could be up and running in five years. more on the jetson's like idea, and the hurdles it faces. amon, could this plan ever really get off the ground? >> i see what you did there, tyler, look, these things will not fly an inch if the faa doesn't say they can do it. and right now, there is just not the regulatory infrastructure in place to allow a swarm of drones flying over residential and commercial areas of the united states. it is just not possible. but congress has told them to get ready for it and to have the regulations in place by 2015. a lot of experts say the faa will not likely hit the de
Dec 2, 2013 6:30pm PST
item, the state denied a request for property tax. we're using the replacement housing obligation, we are one funder and the unit that would be produced approximately 60 family units that would be produced along sixth street, we are using 2113 funds for that purpose and the state, its basis for denial says you don't have a contract in place, but state disillusion law recognizes other obligations of state law so you know. that's an obligation that preexisted 2011 and we are entitled, just like in hunters point, transbay, mission bay to enter into contracts to implement those obligations so we'll explain to that second set of auditors that process. the final determination from the state, we will get in mid december. it's about two weeks before the actual property tax distribution in january, but we will work vigorously and report back to you and everything at our disposal, including working with our state legislators to make sure they understand the importance of the expenditure of these housing funds. >> thank you. please call next item. >> next item is item nine, commissioners questio
Dec 3, 2013 6:30am PST
? >> property values. >> that's property tax revenue that has been identified. we haven't evaluated that. >> how much is in the pipeline talking about the 9,000 units is that correct. >> let me draw up a slide if that's possible. these are the numbers from our pipeline data base completed projects and projects through end of next year, we are showing 1400 units and 300,000 square feet of non-residential space and residential space which includes so many -- soma. so there is new space, but also space that disappears because of the building that is taken down. that maybe the cause of the difference. >> i think we certainly need to come back to this issue at a later date and i would be interested to make sure that whatever property money, tax, increase comes in that it's invested back in the neighborhoods within the eastern neighborhoods. thank you. >> okay. well, that looks like we can continue to move on. thank you colles
Dec 3, 2013 10:30am PST
and an increase in the vehicle license fee of 1.35 percent, and an increase of a half cent to the sales tax measures targeted for the 2014 and 2016 ballots. while recognizing the significant transportation needs, it exists and the potential of the proposed measure to make read strides towards addressing those needs, last month and myself included called for insurancing a more ininclusive and transparent approach to the proposed investment program. >> proposed a framework with the plans and program committee and last week, co-sponsors, commissioner campos and kim and i and yee introduced an amendment to set aside 70 million to address the dispartis in low income communities to increase transparency and accountability for the proposed vehicle license fee. i am very much looking forward to continuing discussions, with this body, for the mayor's office the task force and the full spectrum of stake holders to develop provisions that have broad and keep support to insure success on the ballot. on a related front this month and in response to the advocacy and the representatives commissioner and w
Al Jazeera America
Dec 3, 2013 5:00pm EST
that may happen. tax increases, spending increases at the federal level. so many possibility it is difficult to disentangle-- >> is it really had a hard if millions of people have more money to spend we don't know what the effect will be? >> sure' we're talking about 300 million people and 15 million would be independentinbenefitingfrom the. so in the context it will b be a small number. >> we are it will be a shot in the arm to the macro-economy, but it won't be huge. it would shift $35 billion to minimum wage workers. so the economy is 15 trillion-dollar. so it will generate jobs when those people will spend that money. but it's not a jobs program. it's a wage program. that increase, that economic activity, those people will spend that money. it will increase the amount for foods and services. who produces the goods and services? more workers, more workers will bwillneed to be hired. >> and richard, help me out here. will you be less reluctant to add another worker or two on a shift if your marginal costs per hour have gone up 10% to 25%? >> well, you have to put that quest
Dec 3, 2013 5:30pm PST
get through the site smoothly. have financial information including tax returns in hand. if you created an account in october, scrap it. start a new one. and if you think yao signed up but haven't heard directly from the insurance company in a week, you have to call them yourself. tip number two is what got pam through the plan in florida, back in october, pam tried multiple times but gave up. today after creating a third new account, success. >> i was surprised about how easy it was. as i said it only took about ten to 15 minutes for the whole enrollment process. >> reporter: while pam's confident she has insurance since she paid her first premium via credit card, some insurance companies believe they are getting inaccurate or incomplete information from the government about the new enrollees. >> they are concerned that they are not getting the information and that they can get insured by january 1st. >> reporter: so while the website is working better, there was some bad news for the white house today. a new report from the treasury inspector general's office, brian, warns tha
Dec 3, 2013 6:30pm PST
the goldman see the bucket to make it tonight. no crocs capsule funky just wanted to pay tax to a contest a key to beating pick a topic of patients going on in the dusty. please also talk to a taliban bomb into the pockets on the divine this is the sick in attacking a full month and expressed the get go. in august and iam man had fired into the express office in june to conclude. unemployment in good about this thomas for somebody to commit suicide the fund's a lawful creating jobs is siphoned off by officials the unemployment has hated to leave the contested custody and the beach and the company until he let out on the streets many of the bbc is demanding the government to create jobs. lincoln strachan has taken the president appears and thompson the government to catch kids may need to eat who enforced it might take to pakistan. and after you do the job the tools to deal with unique is the only cure for the lead utilities and i'm thinking we hope that you would too if you haven't visited it. go put your foot. secondly i believe they can go to kindy if you do what suits your budget. this
Dec 4, 2013 4:00am PST
watchdog is noting potential problems come tax season. the inspector general says existing irs systems do not have the capability to detect fraud when it comes to the subsidies set up to help people buy insurance in the form of tax credits. administration officials say the irs aggressively safeguards its systems to combat fraud and that the health care system is no exception. >>> the results of actor paul walker's autopsy are expected to be released today. he and his friend were killed in a fiery and tragic car crash moments after this photo was taken of the "fast and furious" actor stepping into a 2005 red porsche. the autopsy would confirm it. investigators they they don't believe they were racing but speed is an issue of the crash. the production of "fast and furious" is on hold. we should mention universal pictures shares the same parent company as this network. >>> the piano man has a few more songs to play on that baby grand. billy joel will take up a monthly residence at madison square garden as the venue's first-ever music franchise. the legendary musician will play concert there
Al Jazeera America
Dec 4, 2013 11:30am EST
became more prominent, taxes were slashed for the wealthiest, while investments that make us all richer, like schools and infrastructure, were allowed to wither. and for a certain period of time we could ignore this weaken economic foundation, in part because more families were relying on two earners as women entered the work force. we took on more debt. but when the music stopped and the crisis hit millions of families were stripped of whatever cushion they had left. as the result is an economy that has become profoundly inequal, and families that are more insecure. since 1979 when i graduated from high school, our productivity is up by more than 90%. but the income of the typical family has increased by less than 8%. since 1979 our economy has more than doubled in size. but most of that growth has flowed to a fortunate few. the top 10% no longer takes in one-third of our income. it now takes half. whereas in the past the average ceo made about 20 to 30 times the income of the average worker, today's ceo now makes 273 times more. and meanwhile the family in the top 1% has a net worth 2
Dec 4, 2013 1:00pm PST
wolfram >> i had a couple of questions one in the documents it said that you're getting historic tax credits so i want to make sure where you are in the process. >> i'm sorry i didn't mention that, yes we've just initiated questions and posed to start part too early in the spring so we're in discussions with the park service and port. >> and each building individually. >> we will have a single application. i know it's under a single application had he have individual building amendments they're looking for >> and then a couple of other questions. one is who is the structural engineer >> the structural engineer i always get his name wrong. >> and then. >> i did get it wrong. >> eaten in building 102 you said there will be some seismic work what is the seismic solution. >> we don't have a scheme again, it's kind of tenant driven it doesn't need a lot of seismic upgrade so there's not a scheme per say. >> and 102 and 4 what's your approach to doors. >> we've done a good survey on this this is mostly repair some selective not much new at all. at 102 some removal to access the
Dec 4, 2013 10:30am PST
and tax payment history, the equity and property value. if the funds are dispersed for the work and the current property owner pays installment on the regular property tax bill. to be successful the program must be easy to understand for the consumer. and so we're lucky that we're in this situation now after hitting a roadblock a few years ago with the agency. the governor put funds aside to mitigate any risk to fannie and freddie so we're comfortable moving ahead with this program and buildings are responsible for 56% of the greenhouse gas emissions and residential is one fiveth of that total and this program will allow a affordable way to reduce energy consumption and the city gets back a powerful tool to meet the sustainability goals and with other programs and sf energy watch and upgrade programs we intend to leverage as much -- which we intend to leverage as much as possible in this program. restarting pace will help us increase the amount of efficiency under the grid and create local jobs and economic investment that can't be out sourced and we are excited to work with
Dec 5, 2013 7:00am EST
with tax incentives, to come back to the united states and start building our manufacturing base and get these lewd college jobs. are thelar jobs foundation of this country. there are very little now. back,if those jobs came -- in order for blue-collar jobs -- the argument for raising the minimum wage -- if you had those types of jobs -- for a person to survive on a blue-collar wage, what would it have to be? jobs -- ase-collar industry becomes better and better, the incentives and the increase in income will come along with that. that is what i am saying. there are no opportunities. the young people are restricted as to what they can do. if you have just a high school education -- i only had a high school education. the jobs were there when i came out of high school. it was not i thought. a kid with a high school education is pretty much in a deadlocked situation now. if he can even get a job. that is what needs to be done in my personal opinion. host: david in florida. caller: good morning. i believe that you are totally impartial and the way you do your job. thank you. i agree with a
Dec 5, 2013 10:00am EST
. >> even though i was a texan and energy paid 55 or 60% of the taxes that were paid in texas, we felt that it was a very important and we breathe life into the epa by giving them a role in that act. i'm kind of sorry now that we did because they acted well and we were pleased with what they did and we thought that even though they were energy oriented, that the energy people needed some supervision. but they also needed some help for the federal government couldn't give, so they her despite overregulation and that's what i was asking about i guess. chairwoman, the key goal in the ferc strategic plan, 2009 to 2014 g-golf are the safe, reliable and efficient infrastructure development to integrate the new resources. are you supportive of ferc -- you've been there for three weeks, you said? >> i've been at this job for two weeks. >> you have done it very well. thank you for the answers you've given. are you supportive of ferc blank bill included in this plan? >> yes, i am. it's important -- >> what changes would you consider on this bill? do you have any changes that you would make? .. w
Dec 5, 2013 5:00am PST
negative effects the higher tax may bring. it works out to just about $54 billion. cabinet ministers are hoping the measure will help the economy keep expanding and want to support low income earners who might be affected by the tax hike. nearly $14 billion will go to sharpening japan's competitive edge. officials will use the money to promote research and development on new medicines and invest in infrastructure projects for the 2020 tokyo olympics. they've earmarked about $6 billion to people with low incomes and subsidies for home buyers. $3 billion to welfare programs. the ministers also want to speed up recovery for those hit by the march 2011 disaster. it includes $30 billion to improve reconstruction and improve disaster preparedness. it will support evacuees returning to their home near the fukushima daiichi plant. he says his top priority is reviving the economy and rebalancing the budget. >> translator: execution of these measures is needed to put the economy on a solid recovery path. >> the cabinet says the stimulus measures will boost japan's gross domestic pattern by 1%
Dec 5, 2013 8:30pm PST
and of course domestic concerns continue over at the papal consumption tax hike in two thousand fourteen up weighing on investors' minds however prime minister she was odd that has repeated his government's stance that on his garden cart growth plans which he really hope so will pull the economy through so some domestic issues to focus on as well by every means the things seen a drop in the dollar where we this morning exactly especially from tuesday's local side the pairing right now. dollar yen hundred and one point eight pc to eighty five. it has talked to as i said compared to hundreds people in thirty seven inches on tuesday investors selling the dollar and concerns about the fact the scaling back its monetary easing programme and also taking profits from the recent dollar's rise against began. now all eyes are going to be on the u s jobs data released later today. euro yen the european central bank on thursday left its benchmark interest rates unchanged during and right now two hundred and thirty nine points fifteen to twenty it also slightly upgraded its outlook for growth in the reg
FOX Business
Dec 6, 2013 9:20am EST
for your 401(k). and then there is this. the split among democrats, taxes at the heart of it, the "wall street journal" weighs in on that. who knew, rodeo hits the big money. a barrel racer. and some airports say okay to eat cigarettes. we will take you there. and those russian diplomats milking medicaid, is it that easy to take our money? the answer is yes. watch out, charles payne and monica crowley are back. with more. ♪ look at this, it is a rally, stocks surging on the jobs report that came out an hour and half ago. last hour telling us a selloff is going to come this afternoon probably. charles payne is here, you disagree with that. charles: that has been the pattern. in those intraday sessions there was a point in the session we were up, in other words what the pattern has become, excitement in the daytime, morning and the professionals, the smart guys kind of selling into that. i don't think so. we will be challenged. stuart: are you or are you not protecting a 200-point rally at the close of trading? he will be happy with that? because the economy is stronger, profits are str
Dec 7, 2013 12:00am EST
lower our corporate tax rate and eliminate loopholes in a way that would be a better bargain for jobs in this country. we need to invest in universal pre-cash. we need to do the things that the president has put forward to attract jobs from overseas and to bring home jobs from american companies that are located overseas, bring them home to build on those trends. we need to continue to build on the positive trends that we have seen in the manufacturing sector and are of this country, represented by the automobile companies but also by a host of other development in manufacturing. the president is not the least bit satisfied or complacent with where we are. he believes we ought to have a spirited conversation about what are we going to do. what are we going to do to reduce inequality? what are we going to do to reduce -- increase jobs overall, particularly those that provide middle-class security across the country? he said in that speech that he believes that we can get some of this done with congress. where congress refuses to move, he will take action that he can on his own. this is
Al Jazeera America
Dec 8, 2013 10:30pm EST
and poor... job creation... climate change... tax policy... the economy... iran... healthcare... ad guests on all sides of the debate. >> this is a right we should all have... >> it's just the way it is... >> there's something seriously wrong... >> there's been acrimony... >> the conservative ideal... >> it's an urgent need... and a host willing to ask the tough questions >> how do you explain it to yourself? and you'll get... the inside story ray suarez hosts inside story weekdays at 5 eastern only on al jazeera america >> this isn't a new channel, this is a watershed moment in media for america. >> this entire region is utterly devastated. >> people our here are struggling. >> the fire jumped the highway we took earlier. >> your average viewer want's to actually understand how the health care law is going to help them or hurt them. >> they know they can get extremist bickering somewhere else. >> people say that we're revolutionary. our revolution is just going back to doing the best in journalism. >> this is the place to go watch high quality journalism, period. >> on america tonight a r
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! must be the honey! [ sparkle ] sweet. >>> now an investigation and spending of more tax dollars. parents taking to the courtroom to get more help for kids in the classrooms. some of the bay area's most vulnerable students are not getting the education they deserve. it's an issue affecting all students in public schools. >> the school district fought tremendously. it's an overwhelming and taxing process. >> reporter: for parents with students of disabilities, getting the public education their children are promised can be contentious. >> can you put it on the first pit? >> that's almost 700,000 kids each year. three were robin hansen's, including her son's jared, diagnosed with autism in fifth grade. >> i used to write letters about my children, you know, hey, this is going on. can you help me? and no one would answer me. >> reporter: despite the diagnosis, they refused to provide him with a class that works with autistic kids. instead, they placed him with children diagnosed with emotion flail disturbed. the district took hansen to court in a dpis put she eventually won. >> so m
Dec 9, 2013 5:00am PST
of the consumption tax hike next april. workers at many factories say they are receiving more orders. we also got news on the index for the business outlook. it rose 0.3 points to 54.8. that makes for the third safe monthly rise. this reflects optimistic views for the year end shopping season. the cabinet office also upgraded its economic assessment. it previously said the economy is recovering steady. many respondents do expect demand to rise ahead of the consumption tax hike but some people are already voicing concern consumption could fall after that. >>> on to the markets now, investors around the world encouraged by chinese trade data. they believe export numbers showed a pickup and the upward momentum is somewhat overshadowed of the fed may scale down its asset buying program. london down, frankfurt a gain of .1 of a percent. in asia, markets advance for the most part. tokyo's nikkei saw a 2.3% gain. that's the biggest daily advance since early september. a weaker yen boosted a wide range of shares today. also news about political happenings helped mumbai and bangkok shares. pro business pa
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Dec 5, 2013 9:30am PST
for new ways to escape the big government tax machine so as much as i love this country, i cannot wait to get the hell out of here and on to a kick ass boat. >> drifting away from the rest of the world, we now have the freedom chip, the one mile long 25 story tall megaship that is more like a floating city than a boat. it would carry up to 50,000 full-time residents. unclear how taxes would work for people there but they said it will not be registered in the united states. so uncle sam would not be able to get to people on that boat. >> stephen: that's right, the freedom ship with all the slick design of an unfinished parking garage. and everything the stateless billionaire tycoon needs to feel at home. banks, casinos, and a 1.7 million square foot international shopping mall. imagine, an enormous mall you never have to leave because you can't. it's up to you, another orange julius or a watery grave. and as for accommodations, freedom ship offers the ultimate in high net worth real estate. for as little as 9.1 million you can reserve a water view ultimate apex room boasting such luxury
Dec 9, 2013 12:30am PST
of revenue that comes into the city. one is income tax for those that live in city. those that live outside and work in the city and then property tax. we got hit with a per ferkt storm when you consider the mortgage debacle and we got hit with the manufacturing layoffs and the like. people said oh, my god. it cost over $100 to fill up the suvs. automobile manufacturers started laying people off. one out of every six jobs were related to the automobile industry before this happened. people were work overtime and the like. when the crisis hit and people couldn't work overtime and a lot of people got laid off pup. >> it's a numbers game. do you think stroit detroit will be fixed a year from now, five years from now, a decade from now? >> absolutely. you can't come downtown today and find a lost apartment or condo that you can lease, buy or rent. you cannot go to a parking garage in downtown and lease a space for your automobile. it's full. people are investing. businesses are coming back, and city will be coming back. when the emergency financial manager is through. he's made it clear he want
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